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i summed up +600 years of history in two pictures where’s my trophy

Hetalia: SpainxRomano

for antoniooo- and the anons!

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NSFW Card System


Blame Chartini and lunargift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Warning: Nothing explicit as usual, but it’s happening yep. Dumb drawings and NedPort.

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【APH】Warabeeeeee Scanlation
【APH】Cherry Oh! RAW

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The sheer fact that Romano brushed his bangs back as he blew the cat. Wow.

Ciao Sparkling Scanlation


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The only doujinshi I’ve read so far where someone stuffing their mouth with a dick is hilarious. 


Uncle Gilbert tries to assist in the baby shopping

honorable mention

Do You Remember Me? (RusPrus)

Title :  Do You Remember Me?
Fandom : Hetalia
Pairing : RussiaPrussia
Rating : R18
Download : MF / MU

As usual, please go over to Ikemen Scan’s LJ and give them lots of love~

If you want to read it here just click the ‘read more’ button.


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The Sequel to Chicory-Spamano Shota
Millmake raw

Millmake by HKR

R18!!!! PWP!


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