A Haven for the Heart


Uncle Gilbert tries to assist in the baby shopping

honorable mention

Laughter - translation

Strip about the bad touch trio and their baby brothers from here.

Do You Remember Me? (RusPrus)

Title :  Do You Remember Me?
Fandom : Hetalia
Pairing : RussiaPrussia
Rating : R18
Download : MF / MU

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Tokimeki Dust Friends (sequel to Dokidoki Akuyuu Days)
Dokidoki Akuyuu Days (BTT)
Germancest Doujinshi (I don’t know the title…)

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Personally, it seems more like a typical hentai story given the angling of the view and the way the censoring is placed.  But still nicely drawn.

Hetalia: GermanyxPrussia
Meine Liebe (GermanyxPrussia doujinshi)